An internal debate on prose-on-demand

Typewriters have so many ribs because they have to hold so much in.

During the Typewriter Harvest, a local poet laureate who does poetry-on-demand asked if I would be interested in creating "prose-on-demand" for downtown Phoenix's First Friday December event. She e-mailed me today to confirm, and what follows is the internal debate that's been kicking around my noggin ever since.


  1. Here’s a thought. I was actually going to submit this to Joe VC as an idea for his Typing Assignments (Still May - Joe, you listening?). It’s along the idea of Mad Libs. As the person’s name. Have them give you two first names. Ask where they are from, what their job is and their hobbies. From that you can come up with all sorts of stuff. Also, check out some sites on Flash Fiction.

    Please post some of your creations. I’d like to see how they come out, no matter how you go about it.


  2. Two words: Localized Typospigeon


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